Access Statement for Katerina's Guest House


Katerina's is situated on High Street in central Rothbury, a village in rural Northumberland, known for outdoor pursuits, particularly hill walking.
High Street is literally named; the length of the flagstone path slopes up and down hill and the road slopes sharply down to the adjoining main road.
Katerina's occupies a quaint and characterful building at least 320 years old. It was part of a coaching inn and therefore has some delightful features of historical interest. Aged constructions do not easily lend themselves to the level of comfort we require in this day and age and it has been modernised with thought and care in an effort to preserve its uniqueness whilst rendering the building eminently useable, comfortable and attractive.
We want everyone who comes to Katerina's Guest House to enjoy their stay and feel at home. With that in mind we encourage would-be Guests to discuss their individual requirements with us. We are versatile and will do our utmost to accommodate all your needs.


o There is a bus stop opposite 275mtrs away on the lower, main road. The bus service is limited.
o The main train station is 30 minutes away by car.
o There is a taxi service, 24 kms away in Morpeth that has accessible taxis if required. We can make a booking for you.
o Brochures and menus are available in large print.
o We have a basic website.
o We recommend you contact us by phone to discuss any special requirements.(see Contact Information below)

Arrival & Car Parking Facilities

o Katerina's has no private car parking.
o Immediately outside, High Street has been widened and there are usually spaces close by. There are no charges and no time limits on parking outside.
o High Street is a sloping path of fairly flat flagstones. The Guest house entrance is accessed via a short, covered lane, ramped at the entrance and surfaced with rutted concrete.
o There is a door bell and the telephone number is clearly displayed on a board outside.
o We can assist guests with luggage.
o Rothbury village amenities are all within a few minutes walk.

Main Entrance & Reception

o The front door is 82cms wide and has a low step only 4cms high. Inside there is a small lobby of 80cms x 95 cms and an internal door 76cms wide.
o This in turn leads to a short length of passage 1mtr x 95cms and immediately ahead is the staircase to the first floor.
o There is a fire door (76 cms wide) to the right of this passage leading to the guests' dining room.
o The whole of the ground floor is carpeted with the exception of the kitchen which is not normally accessed by guests.

Public Areas - General (Internal)

o The dining room is the only public area on the ground floor.
o The first floor is totally devoted to three guest bedrooms. There are no other public areas.
o Upstairs is accessed by a straight flight of10 stairs (16cms high, 24cms deep and 87cms wide) with a handrail, followed by three which turn to the left (these are 63cms at the widest, right hand side and 4cms at the narrowest, left hand side).
o At the top, the handrail is replaced by a vertical grab rail.
o The upstairs passage turns immediately to the left and access to the first bedroom is on the right.
o The 88cms wide passage runs straight for 3 mtrs and then turns left again. Here the floor slopes down and another small passage (90cms x 1mtr 80cms) joins in an "L" shape.
o Straight ahead is the door to bedroom 3 whilst 2 is at the right end of the small passage.
o The staircase and passages are carpeted with short pile carpet. Light switches are illuminated for easy finding. A light at the top of the staircase stays on permanently.
o There are linked mains operated smoke alarms with battery back-up in the passage and this is the exit route in the event of a fire.

Public Areas - WC

o Bedrooms are en suite but no public WC available

Restaurant / Dining Room

o The whole Guest House is entirely non-smoking.
o Breakfast and dinner are served in the dining room on the ground floor. This room is carpeted.
o There is another linked mains operated smoke alarm with battery back-up in the dining room.
o Lighting is by three ceiling chandeliers, a standard lamp, two further lamps as well as one lamp on each dining table.
o At breakfast, a varied menu is provided for Guests to choose from. Cooked breakfast is served at the table and there is a self service cereal bar. The owners are present throughout to attend the Guests.
o At dinner, a varied menu is provided for Guests to choose from though some advance notice is required to allow time for appropriate shopping for fresh ingedients. The owners are present throughout to attend the Guests.
o We are able to cater for special diets on request.
o Furniture is flexible and can be moved on request.
o There are three "Refectory" style dining tables 974cms high x 1mtr 20 cms long x 69cms wide and an underspace of 70cms) with two armless dining chairs at each. The tables are varnished, rich, brown wood and contrast well with our light coloured crockery.
o Menus are offered showing prices according to choice. A large print menu is available.
o For ice breaking purposes, we usually play soft music in the dining room.


o Not available


o Not available

Treatment room/s

o Not available

Leisure Facilities

o Not available

Outdoor Facilities

o Not available

Conference & Meeting Rooms, Banqueting, Clubs, Entertainment

o Not available


o All 3 bedrooms are on the first floor. Sloping floors of over 300 years old mean that some furniture has had to be fixed to the walls for stability.
o All bedrooms have fire doors with automatic closers - 76cms wide.
o All three beds are double, wooden four posters (height to top of mattress is 48cms in each case).
o Modern feather-free bedding (pillows and duvets) is provided and thoroughly laundered between guests or every three days for longer staying guests.
o All mattresses and pillows have removeable protectors which can be laundered.
o Smoking and bringing pets is not allowed at Katerina's - there are no animals living on the property.
o Each room is decorated with colour contrast in mind, light walls and relatively dark furniture ensure shelves etc. stand out.
o Each room has flat screen, multi-chanel TV with remote control and tea tray with cordless electric kettle (see through indicator for water level) and small, quiet running fridges providing fresh milk and bottled water.
o All Guests of Katerina's are shown around their bedroom on arrival and made aware of the facilites within and how to use these.
o Guests are given two keys, one for the mortice lock on the bedroom door and one "Yale" type key to open the front door. In case of fire, Guests travelling alone who have limited ability to hear an alarm ringing will be asked not to lock their bedroom door in order that the owners can enter to make them aware of the situation
o Room 1 has short pile carpet and minimum free floor space of 60cms wide.
o There is a characterful but unobtrusive fireplace, blocked against drafts and dust.
o A small, two seater, wicker couch is situated at the foot of the bed and there is a dressing table area with an upright chair near the window.
o Ceiling light, bedside lights and two further lamps are provided in strategic places.
o There is an ensuite bathroom (see below for details).
o Room 2 has a deeper pile carpet and a minimum floor space of 51cms around the foot of the bed.
o The window has a low window sill/window seat and this end of the room is furnished with two wicker arm chairs and a dressing table with upright chair.
o The room is lit with a ceiling light, bedside lights (wall fitments with flexible arm) and a further lamp on the dressing table.
o There is an ensuite shower room.
o Room 3 has a short pile carpet and minimum floor space of 54cms.
o There is a chunky, characterful fireplace, blocked against drafts and dust.
o There are two wicker arm chairs and the window has a low window sill/window seat.
o A dressing table, unusually low (56cms), due to the situation of a quaint, little internal window and part of a range of built-in wardrobes has a low stool (38cms) to accompany it.
o The room is lit by two double wall lights, bedside lamps (wall fitments with flexible arm) and a further lamp on the dressing table.
o There is an ensuite shower room.
o We provide free Wifi.

Bathroom, Shower-room & WC [Ensuite]

o Room 1 - ensuite bathroom.
o A small corridor (98cms wide x 1mtr 50cms long) turns right and leads from the bedroom to the bathroom.
o The door to the bathroom, hinged on the left, opens outwards and is 76cms wide.
o Ahead is 1mtr 5cms of floor space to the side of the bath which is 54cms high.
o The bath has integral handles on each side to assist getting in/out.
o The taps are normal cross head style and there is an electrically heated shower over the bath.
o The flooring is of tiles with a rough, non-slip surface.
o The wash basin is to the left, round fronted and is 79cms high.
o The toilet, situated at the end of the bath, is 39 cms high with a space of 15cms to the right and a space of 19cms to the left.
o Room 2 - ensuite shower room.
o The door (67cms wide) to this shower room (measuring 1mtr 38cms x 1mtr 43cms in total) opens in to the bathroom directly from the bedroom, near the foot of the bed.
o The flooring is of tiles with a rough, non-slip surface.
o There is a glass enclosed shower. The shower tray measures 75cms x 75cms.
o The remaining floor space is1mtr 38cms x 68cms.
o The toilet is 41cms high with a space of 13cms to the right and 15cms to the left.
o The washbasin has a lever, mixer tap and is 82cms high.
o The shower is electrically heated.
o Room 3 - ensuite shower room.
o The door (54cms) is hinged on the left and opens into the shower room directly from the bedroom.
o This floor is tiled with slightly glossier tiles though, in experience, no slippier.
o There is a large window with low window sill and it is necesary to close the curtains for privacy.
o There is a glass enclosed shower. The shower tray measures 75cms x 75cms.
o The remaining L shaped floor space is 1mtr 12cms x 70cms.
o The toilet is 41cms high with a space of 16cms to the left and 10cms to the right though it appears bigger as the space goes on into the depth of the window seat.
o The washbasin has lever, mixer tap and is 83cms high.
o The shower is electrically heated.

Self-Catering Kitchen

o Not available

Caravans, Holiday Homes & Twin Units

o Not available

Touring Facilities (Holiday Parks)

o Not available

Boats - Narrow Boat, Cruiser & Hotel Boat

o Not available

Attractions (Displays, exhibits, rides etc.)

o Not available

Grounds and Gardens

o Not available

Additional Information

o Mobile phone reception is generally good.
o In case of fire, the fire alarm will ring.
o In case of emergency and the need to evacuate the building, the exit route is down the staircase described above and out of the front door.
o If you require more assistance for evacuating please notify us on arrival and we will ensure you are evacuated safely e.g. hearing impairment as mentioned above.
o We are happy to take delivery of hired equipment (please let us know if ordered-telephone number below for hirers)
o Katerina's is a no smoking building (there is a covered alleyway outside where you may smoke).
o We supply a small fridge, strictly speaking a cooler-unit, in the bedrooms. These units do not have compressors and can not be relied upon, especially during hot weather, to keep foods at safe temperatures. Please ask us to keep any medicines requiring lower temperatures or any perishable foods in our main refrigerator.
o If you would prefer to have the voume of our background music lowered or even turned off, please ask us to oblige.
o A halogen desk lamp is available if extra light is needed.
o We are always here to help, please ask us about anything, we'll do our best to answer, explain, direct or obtain.

Contact Information

o Address: Katerina's Guest House, High Street, Rothbury, Northumberland, NE65 7TQ
o Telephone: +44 (0) 1669 620691
o Fax: Not available
o Minicom: Not available
o Email:
o Website:
o Grid reference: 1.91356 / 55.30956
o Hours of operation: Open all year.
o Emergency number: If we are out, we use call divert to our mobile so we are accessible at all times.
o Local carers: Carewatch Care Services +44 (0)191 4554786 or +44 (0) 1670 855786
o Local equipment hire companies: Kingston Services, Blyth +44 (0) 1670 360027 (day) +44 (0) 191 2370519 (night)
o Local public transport numbers: Arriva Buses: Tel: +44 (0)191 520 4000
Fax: +44 (0)191 520 4001
o Local accessible taxi numbers: Central Taxis, Morpeth, +44 (0) 1670 514965

Future Plans

o We have considered several ways of improving Katerina's Guest House in all sorts of ways but all are either not feasible because of the age/size/layout of the building or would be, at least, at the cost of its character.
o As equipment wears out, we intend to replace with more suitable items eg. TVs with teletext and lever top taps.

We welcome your feedback to help us continuously improve if you have any comments please phone +44 (0)1669 620691 or email

Created on: 11/06/07

Katerina's Guest House
Bed and Breakfast Accommodation
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